Terms of Use

Privacy Policy for "Wegifts" APP

  • Introduction
        1. The "Wegifts" App ("The App") is the property of, and operated by Wedev Technologies Ltd. ("the Owners").
        2. Any use of the App ("Use") and any term herein is subject to the General Terms of Use of "Wegifts", including, but not limited to, the Israeli Law and Jurisdiction only. 
        3. The Owners respect the privacy of persons Uses the App and the following is its policy regarding the protection of privacy of such Users ("Users").
        4. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain The Owners' practices regarding the privacy of Users and how The Owners use the information provided by Users through the App or collected by the Owners during the Using the App.
  • Since commercial Users and businesses may use The App for their own purposes towards their customers, either private or other businesses, any such Use is subject to their privacy policies and terms of use on their account, responsibility, and liability, and subject to the Law, and The Owners' liability limits are merely towards the direct Users of the App, subject to the Terms of Use. 
        1. Any Use of this Privacy Policy in the masculine or feminine gender is for convenience only, and the reference is to both women and men. Similarly, any reference to an individual also implies a reference to multiple individuals and vice versa.

  • Information Collection - General
  • When Users Use the App, The Owners receive information about the User, some of which personally identifies him, such as name, address, email address, and payment methods. This is the information the User knowingly provide when registering for services from the App or while using it.

    However, some of the information identifies the User's behavior when Using the App such as which products or and services the User has purchased, shown interest in, received or used, transaction history, advertisements the User watched or read, the pages the User has viewed, the User's internet protocol (IP) address. 

  • Use of Information
      1. The Use of collected information will be made only in accordance with this Privacy Policy and subject to the provisions of the Law, to:
    • To Verify the User's details.
    • To secure the User's information.
    • To customize the App to the User's personal preferences.
    • To customize ads for the User in the App.
    • To enable the User to Use various services in the App.
    • To enable the User to conduct transactions in the App.
    • For payment processing and issuance of account management documents.
    • For re marketing purposes
    • Statistics
    1. Use of Cookies by The Owners and Third Parties

    The Owners Use technology to store pieces of information about the User's Use called Cookies, for the purposes outlined above and subject to the provisions of these Privacy Policy and The Law.

    1. The Owners allows other companies to manage the advertising in the App according to this Policy. Any ads displayed when visiting the App come from their computers. To manage their ads, these companies place cookies on the User's computer. These cookies allow them to collect information about gift cards, ads, and other information they presented to the User, which of them the User viewed, clicked on, Used and how. 

  • Direct Emailing
        1. The Owners wishes to occasionally send the User email information about relevant transactions and marketing and advertising information. 
        2. At any time, the User may withdraw the User's consent to receive marketing and advertising information sent to the User and cease to receive it.
        3. Statistical information transmitted will not personally identify the User.

  • Disclosure of Information to Third Parties
      1. The Owners will only transfer User information to third parties that enable the provision of services in the App and/or for advertising purposes as stated above and/or for the purposes detailed above.
      2. The Owners will not transfer the User's personal details and the information collected about the User's activity in the App to other third parties except in the cases specified below:
    • In case of a legal dispute between the User and The Owners that requires disclosure of the User's details.
    • If an authority of the State of Israel request it by virtue of its authority;
    • If actions contrary to the Law are performed in the App;
    • If a judicial order is received instructing to disclose the User's details or information about the User;
    • If The Owners sells or transfers in any way its activity in the App to another entity - as well as if it merges with another entity or merges the App's activity with that of a third party, provided that this entity undertakes to comply with this Privacy Policy towards the User. 

  • Data Security

  • The Owners implements up-to-date data security procedures in the App. While these procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized access, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, The Owners does not undertake that its services will be immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them but rather are protected relatively in accordance with the provisions of The Law.

  • Right to Access Information
        1. Under the Israeli Privacy Protection Law, 1981, every person is entitled to access the information held about him in the database. A person who has reviewed the information about him and finds it incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or outdated is entitled to apply to the database owner to correct or delete the information.
        2. Such a request should be addressed to us using the details on the contact page, and the User should call us to confirm receipt of the information.
        3. In addition, if the information in The Owners' databases is used for the purpose of personal contact with the User, the User are entitled under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 to demand in writing that the information relating to the User be deleted from the database.

  • Changes to the Privacy Policy
  • In any case where substantial changes are made to this policy regarding the Use of personal information the User has provided, notice of this will be posted on the App.